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JP McMullan


I want to play, right now.  That's what I want, but you know what's way better than getting that? Perhaps an interaction like this:

ME Time to play, turn on CONSOLE!

CONSOLE Alright, hey check out this logo animation!

ME No that's cool I know what device you are, I turned you on.

CONSOLE Whoosh animation! Like that?

ME Sure.

CONSOLE Yeah you did, oh who are you man? Select an account...

ME It's always me.  I pick, ME.

CONSOLE Oh you, yeah, hey you know what we could do? Want to add another level of security?

ME No.

CONSOLE Yeah, let's do that right now.

ME I don't want to.

CONSOLE OK, so you have 17 emails accounts registered now, want to add another one or should we use your phone number?

ME Ahh, fine another email address, here you go.

CONSOLE Sorry, we have that account already registered for another user.

ME That would be me.

CONSOLE Pick another one?

ME ...

CONSOLE Should we just do this later?

ME How about never?

CONSOLE So later then?


CONSOLE OK, I guess it's time to sign in...


CONSOLE ... and done. Want to see this front screen you never interact with?

ME Actually you can take me to the game I played last, like the last screen I was on. Remember back in the day when you put the game in, turned it on and you were playing the game, like that.

CONSOLE Here's a home screen, games are like 3 screens to the right.

ME 1, 2, 3, OK.  Select game to play.

CONSOLE Nice choice, starting the game

ME Finally.

GAME Hey, want to see this cool logo animation?

I don't have heaps of time, so when I do make time to play, I just want to play the game.  

A humble request to console designers: Turn it on, "Boot to start" OR "Resume", with "Resume" selected, one button, I'm in to the last game at that point in the game.


Believe me, I don't want to make anyone play Game: "Menu", or Game: "Download 12 updates and make you select each one".

This game is an attempt at expressing minimalist art and simplicity, and for that goal, I've taken away everything I can, put you right in the game, let you skip to other opponents.  You can ignore the game offers and play alone or battle immediately.


What's in a name?  What does it do?  Identity mostly.  For Brick Block, you rank is your identity, we'll show the closest rank online to you so people can play right away.

Here rank 42 offers a game to rank 1, and 1 accepts.  The opponent's Brick Block is seen in the distance as you battle.

Overnight, all rankings are reset.