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JP McMullan

Coming up with defensive and offensive mechanics is easy.  Judging the impact of the these mechanics and their effects on the game was a greater undertaking than I had predicted.

I am certain the Wild block has it's place in the game.  It will be the perfect way to get over the line in the heat of battle.  This device is really something you add to your own Brick Block.  I felt there needed to be something push at your opponent.


The more I thought about it, the idea of a shove to throw them off balance felt like a good way to interact with your opponent.  The Shove would be less rare than the Wild block, so as you play and win these special blocks, a few shoves won't be too hard to have in your inventory.

With the shove, I wanted to provide a sense of disorientation, so in the span of a few seconds, the opponents screen will be randomly colour shifted and will apply 3, possibly 5 random moves, like a shuffle move.  

Here are a few screens of what this looks like, although a real-time live example is far more intense.  From an art style perspective, I am happy to say this reconciles with the rest of the Brick Block visual identity.  I'm not sure why, but that focus on cohesion has become very important throughout this process. 

Here is what it looks like when your opponent shoves you!


This distortion effect is performed as a post process after each frame is rendered and as such takes a slight performance hit to achieve.  At this moment, the player cannot interact with their cube, and once the shove has finished, performance is back.  

When you push your opponent, the performance hit is far less as it only impacts their cube's render, so overall I am comfortable with this effect.  


For gameplay, I couldn't be happier, when you see your opponent getting close, this is great to keep the game going, when you are pushed, it does disorientate, but it's not too bad, and make you want to push back, evokes a retaliatory emotion. It feels worth the push, knowing what it's like to be pushed.