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JP McMullan

In hardly any time at all, Brick Block has become all encompassing for me.  My wife and I are trash talking, best of 3 turns to best of 5 and 7 until I win, sadly it's taken several rounds to achieve the overall win, I've been tired from late night coding... or she's better than me, for now I will continue with the idea that the cause of my losing streak is unknown.

Silent tension

Playing against someone is insanely tense, I don't know what I thought would happen, but all we do is sit in feverish, silent, concentration. It's strange and awesome, feels like something good that people will get into.


Some of my favourite defeatist moments in tragic pseudo dramas from the 80's, now comedies, are when a character falls to their knees and screams at the sky.  In defeat within Brick Block, I thought it would be cool in the same vain if the cube fell to the ground and broke apart.  After not too long, we have that behaviour. 


The defeated opponent's blocks are scattered like fireworks which imbues the elated celebration of the moment.



In defeat, your blocks fall apart at your "feet" in a heaped mess that lingers.  This is subtle, and these emotions may be all our own and nothing to do with the animated intimation, either way, there is something here.  


As a cherry atop the cake, when I finally won the best of 7 round, my wife did throw the iPad down and held a prolonged expletive and at that moment I realised I was living an eighties drama, and I liked it. 



This is one of those moments when the 2D illusion is broken however I don't mind at all.  Visually I am very happy with the feeling of the break sequence, each block catching the light.  It would feel farcical to synthesise a restricted animation at this point to maintain the visual trickery.