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Alpha 2

JP McMullan

Brick Block has reached Alpha 2 which represents a fully playable game for both Solo and Multiplayer modes.  UI controls are in place and connected to the game management code along with informative transitions to feedback status to the player.

Here are some shots from the build on iPhone5S, iPad scales to keep identical proportions, slightly more negative space either side of the cube.


Shuffle (top right button)

Multiplayer: + rotates to x

Multiplayer game, auto shuffle

One move to win

Victory: Replay or Leave

Next game: One move from Losing



Not bad for 12 calendar days, which is a distortion as the idea of Brick Block has been bouncing around my head for a while longer than this period.

In honestly, the earlier alpha was much closer to a prototype, nothing playable at that stage however now the app runs out live over the cloud, assesses Victory, coordinates Shuffling for consistent cubes between players, matches players in Multiplayer and manages the state of the game.

Time to play :) I'll try to grab a video tomorrow.