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... and we're BACK!

JP McMullan

So after a short break of * 5 * years, I’m ready to put this game out.

Why 5 years? Many reasons contribute to this * hiatus * however a better question could, “Why did development stop?“.

This was one of the first attempts I had made to make a game, as such at the time I wasn’t familiar with what it would take to make my own multiplayer matchmaking / networking service, which I needed to inject some basic authoritative logic. Now I can.

Also the other basic issue I encountered was how to easily get two players standing next to each other into the same game. Now, with my own service there are many options to achieve this which is cool, including something new I’ve been thinking about for the last few months that I haven’t seen before.

For these two reasons moving (for me) from impossible to possible, it seems poetic to bring the original game that encountered these limits back off shelf.

Starting today, January 7 2019, let’s see how long this will take to get v1 out the door. A little more ambitious than the first attempt however this new scope is needed to deliver * this * experience in the minimalist experience it deserves.